Social Media Interview

Bryan Rogers is a reporter for Glide magazine who has personally seen the positive influence that social media has had on his viewership.  When Bryan first started writing concert reviews and music related pieces for his blog he was hesitant to “bombard” the readers with social media links and sharing buttons. But as the years went on, and his contributions became more frequent, he realized that he had to reach more people. Social media was the answer.

Rogers states that a simple tweet about a piece can increase the views by hundreds, sometimes even thousands.  He’s also found that by incorporating the social media links of the artist he is covering, he can guarantee to triple or quadruple the number of clicks his stories will receive.  This is especially true if the band he is covering has a substantial fan base or active social media presence.

Bryan mainly sticks to the big two when posting about his stories – Facebook and Twitter, but he has started to incorporate Instagram more and more into his daily routine.  He has found that the stories that he is sent to cover as both a reporter and photographer benefit greatly from Instagram exposure.

Bryan, along with almost every other reporter working today, has fully embraced the use of social media to engage and boost his fan base. It’s not just a useful option anymore, he states, “It’s a necessity.”

Are you a blogger or a critic? What are your thoughts about exposing your work via social media?


Anti-Inaugural Co

While Washington DC and the Republican Party are in the final planning phases of their traditional inauguration for Donald Trump, the DC indie music community is taking on the task of putting together an event to show their displeasure with our newly elected President.

As Consequence of Sound reports, these Anti-Inaugural concerts will take place in and around DC at some of the areas most storied music venues.  Artists as diverse as Sonic Youth, Common, The National and Solange will play at various organized events at 930 Club, The Rock N Roll Hotel, Songbyrd Music House and Comet Ping Pong.  One of the more interesting events will be take place at the 16th Street House, a historic DIY punk rock room that’s hosted thousands of concerts over the years.  The 16th Street show will be a four day long event with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and various other local charities.

While the Trump Inauguration committee has been hard pressed to find relevant acts to perform for the President-Elect (Lee Greenwood anyone?), the Anti-Inauguration bill is gearing up to be an absolute jam packed bill, featuring the who’s who of the underground and indie music scene.

More info can be found below:

D.C. Dissidents: Behind the Frontlines of Washington’s Anti-Inaugural Concerts

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